The Swiss Network strives to generate added value for its participants through activities in a small and confidential setting. Events are dedicated first and foremost to existing network members, however, the Swiss Local Network opens up particular events to non-members.

The Swiss Network plans to organize at least four events per year (3+1), namely three regular events and one larger event which incorporates the General Assembly of the Global Compact Network Switzerland. The three regular events are "internal events", thus they are dedicated to members of the Swiss Local Network. The last event in the year will be a larger event, open to any interested individual, corporation, and organization not (yet) member of the Network.

The format of regular events will be workshops or thematic debates on one topic relevant to the four dimensions (Human Rights, Labour, Environment, Anti-Corruption) of the Global Compact.Starting from late 2014 a focus will be laid on the implementation of the Ruggie Principles (read more).

 Events will be organized in a multi-stakeholder setting and whenever possible in cooperation with academia.

As a long term goal, the Swiss Network seeks to generate so-called "membership-drive". That is, the network aims at organizing different events for different needs such as MNEs vs SME workshops. Suggestions on topics and feebacks from companies are most welcome.

You may find a listing of events under Upcoming Events.


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