The Swiss Local Network provides companies with useful practical support and is therefore happy to share recent publications of the UN Global Compact Office as well as translations from our colleagues from other Local Networks on this page.



Stakeholder Engagement in Human Rights Due Diligence

The Global Compact Network Germany has crafted this document as a business guide for decisively including stakeholder interests into a companies strategy.
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Shared Water Challenges and Interests: The Case for Private Sector Engagement in Water Policy and Management

The CEO Water Mandate, Discussion Paper June 2014.

Together, the UN Global Compact and Pacific Institute comprise the CEO Water Mandate Secretariat. The CEO Water Mandate is a unique public-private initiative – established by the UN Secretary General in 2007 and now endorsed by more than 100 companies from a variety of industry sectors – designed to assist companies in the development, implementation, and disclosure of water sustainability policies and practices.

The CEO Water Mandate seeks to articulate the business case for sustainable water management,
develop good practice guidance, and convene multi-stakeholder working conferences to identify and
encourage good policies and practices for corporate water stewardship. The Mandate posits that not
only can companies contribute significantly to achieving more sustainable and effective water management, but that in many areas their participation is in fact vital—particularly in emerging markets of the “developing” world or Global South, where government capacity and resources are limited.


Translation of the UN Guiding Principles

German Translation by the Gobal Compact Network Germany:
Leitprinzipien für Wirtschaft und Menschenrechte


Menschenrechte fördern und Unternehmen stärken

Das deutsche Netzwerk des Global Compact legt hier eine für Unternehmen wertvolle Strategie zur Vermeidung von Menschenrechtsverletzungen am Arbeitsplatz vor: die "Workplace Policy".
Im Dokument ist weiterführende Literatur angegeben sowie eine Bezeichnung möglicher Beratungseinrichtungen.


10th Anniversary of the Global Compact Network Spain

The Value of Sharing Principles
Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2014, the Global Compact Network Spain has forwarded a Report on the experience made by its signatories with regard to Social Responsibility and the Ten Principles.
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Addressing the Retention of Identity Documents

The retention of worker identity documents has been identified as a common practice among employers and recruitment agencies in many countries and sectors around the world. It represents an infringement of international human rights* and is a violation of national law in many jurisdictions. Retention of identity documents has also been identified by the International Labour Organization (ILO) as an indicator of vulnerability to forced labour. There are a number of important steps businesses can take to address this practice and its associated risk of labour abuse.
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